Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BENT ROAD Comes Alive...

Thanks to the Reading Between the W(h)ines Book Club.

The rocking chair Daniel hopes to rescue from Mr. Brewster's old house. Jonathan says Mr. Brewster will probably take a bottle of bourbon in trade. (accurate right down to the red checkered seat cushion)

The sewing machine where Mrs. Robison, Eve and Ruth sewed all those lovely dresses. And the mailbox Daniel checks every day, hoping for letters from home.

The rifles and shotguns Daniel will heft in search of a target, and the patchwork quilt Aunt Ruth shares with Evie. The pink satin square is from Aunt Eve's first Sunday dress. The denim scrap is from Arthur's favorite pair of jeans. He wore them until his belly was bursting through the buttons.

And the strawberry pie Aunt Ruth shares with the Scott family on their first day in Kansas.

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