Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions for the New Year

I've never been much for New Year's resolutions. Too much pressure and too much visibility. Instead, I prefer to undertake new goals in the months leading up to the New Year. October and November are generally busy for me.

I joined a gym in the fall-didn't wait until today like most of the city seems to have done judging by the number of new people in my step class this morning. I also resolved to finish writing another novel in 2011. Technically, I finished it in 2010, so I'm not sure if I have reached that goal, or if I have to finish a third by the end of the year. I'll probably decide when October rolls around again.

Resolutions are generally a big deal for writers. We set word count goals, submission goals and we promise ourselves that we'll finally finish that manuscript and quit tinkering with it. So to all my writer friends who have made such goals, I wish you success as you work toward them in 2011.

On another note...EVENTS have been updated on my website. You will find those updates HERE. I have been invited to speak on a few panels at SLEUTHFEST, which takes place in Fort Lauderdale this March. This is a great event and worth a look. More info HERE. Additionally, my first two signings have been scheduled.

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