Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorry I'm Late

Last Monday, my post was brief. Today, it’s late. Or at least later than I like it to be. My excuse…I joined a gym and my schedule has changed. Therefore, it is likely that in the coming weeks and months, my blog will go up a bit later.

The first thing I did upon joining a gym was attend a ZUMBA class. In case you’re not familiar, ZUMBA is like the old aerobics we all know from the 80s with a heavy dose of Latin flare thrown in. My advice for anyone who gives it a try…don’t stand in front of the double glass doors. You will be shaking and gyrating things that you will prefer no one see. But it is great fun and great exercise. Today, I attended a weight training class. Not as much shaking and gyrating, but I still recommend not standing in front of the door.

Beginning with my college days, I have always belonged to one gym or another, except for the last few years. I guess it’s safe to say I’ve been strict with my writing schedule since I sold BENT ROAD. Perhaps I’m compulsive, or obsessive, or both. But I felt it important to write first thing every morning, every day, without exception, without interruption. Even most weekend mornings, I roll out of bed before six to work before anyone else gets up. Okay, obsessive and compulsive. And toss in a heavy doss of insecurity. That all adds to up to a few years of not going to the gym.

I’m not sure there is any moral to this story. Perhaps now that BENT ROAD is in the very capable hands of all the folks at Dutton and I’m 90% done writing my next novel, I’m finally able to relax enough to fit in a few other things. What I do know is that my blog will occasionally be a bit late on Mondays and that I am suffering from an overwhelming urge to write something with a Latin flare.

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