Monday, July 12, 2010

The Salsa Wars of 2010

We’ve been having a war of sorts in our house this summer—a salsa war. Daughter developed a sudden interest in preparing salsa, not sure why, and has done so several times. Husband is the greatest benefactor of this new found interest as he eats it on almost everything. Son chooses to abstain. All was well until I suggested that Daughter add diced mango and black beans to her salsa. She refused and called it a gross idea, if I remember correctly. I insisted that she would love it, and the war was on.

Daughter likes to chop her tomatoes in a crank operated food processor. I prefer to chop mine with a knife. Daughter removes the seed and slimy center from her tomatoes. I leave the slime in mine. I add balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Daughter most definitely does not. We both agree on garlic and minced onions. As previously stated, I add mango and black beans. Daughter furrows her brow and pinches her nose at this sight. Lastly, Daughter likes to pick out oddly shaped peppers in the produce section and add them to her salsa. I’m less adventurous and stick with the chopped jalapeños that come in a jar.

I suppose at this point, I could equate these different but equal salsas (although Daughter still insists her salsa is better) to different but equal novels. I could write about readers with different tastes and writers with different skill sets. But really, this is just a blog about salsa.

I will continue to insist that mango makes it better. Daughter will continue to insist that mango makes it gross. Whatever your preference, do a bookstore and an author a favor—read a book. And if you pick an oddly shaped pepper from your produce department, accidently get a bit of its juice on your lips, a thick paste of milk and baking soda will soothe the burn.

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