Thursday, May 27, 2010

Page Three Hundred.....and One

A few days ago, I wrote about page 300. I was happy to see it. I stretched, hit save and wrote a blog about how happy I was to see. It’s a few days later, my baseball hangover has subsided (a baseball hangover involves no alcohol, just a whole lotta baseball) and I’m staring at page 301. What comes next?

I suppose writers are issued in various makes and models. Some of us render beautiful settings and landscapes with ease. Some of us have an ear for dialogue. Others are gifted with insight that leads to well rounded, sympathetic characters. And then there are the lucky few who are gifted with plot. Plot seems to roll off their finger tips with nary a chart or sticky note or excel spreadsheet in sight. They can juggle characters and plot points and keep each spinning, ever faster until they culminate in a stunning climax that leaves us readers breathless. Yes, I am wildly jealous of these writers, and I know a few of them well enough to know that their brilliant plotlines don’t roll off their fingertips. Darn it all, they work very hard at it.

Still, I have to believe that the question of “what comes next?” plagues most writers and it will plague me until I reach page 375 or so. In the meantime, having sat down with my teenage son last night to watch the season finale of LOST, I have to believe that if those talented writers could figure out a way to wrap up 6 seasons of plotlines when none of us thought they could, I can figure out a way to wrap up my 300 pages.

Congratulations to the Chargers baseball team on an amazing 2010 season.

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